Let us help you create your best art program yet

First things first. Let’s figure out what you’re going to need.

Finding the path to the right lessons can take time which is why I created this page.

If you click the dropdown button below you will see three categories that can help to narrow down your search. However, if you’re looking for lessons based off of the materials you have on hand then scroll down to pick lessons involving those supplies that you have.

What do you need?

May we suggest...

Art teachers do it all…inspire, educate, prep, plan, assess and manage. Deep Space Sparkle resources can help. We have divided our site into easy to find art projects based on grade level and art technique/supplies.

Pressed for time? Click on a grade level and scan the portfolio of lessons that match your time frame. Most of our lessons are based on a class time of 40 minutes for grades K-2, 45 minutes for grades 3-4 and 50 minutes for grades 5-6.

Are you a brand new art teacher?

Listen to Art Made Easy #001– How I Became an Art Teacher & My Best Advice for Teaching Art to Kids

Learn tips for talking to school administrators and parents about your art program on Art Made Easy #041

Listen to Sally’s tips on creating art room magic on Art Made Easy #042

Read a Letter to a First Year Art Teacher

Read First Day Class Rules

Do you teach from a cart?

Teaching from a cart? Listen to Art Made Easy #017

Discover the best lessons and organization tips for Teaching Art from a Cart


Your guide to art lessons & supplies


Tempera Paint Techniques

Learn 3 techniques that will jazz up regular tempera paint.

Time Management in the Art Room

How to teach an art lesson so every child finishes at the same time.

Your First Kinder Class

How to prepare for your first Kinder Class including what lessons are best.

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