You deserve this...

Sometimes it feels as though what we were hired to do as art teachers is what we spend the least time teaching.

Most of our days are focused on managing behavior, assessing student art and writing rubrics.

No wonder our creative souls feel out of synch.

Let’s put the art back into teaching by filling your creative well with a full day of inspiring art techniques, ideas and applications that are perfect for your students.

Here’s what I know for sure….

Teaching art is different today than it was 15 years ago.

Kids are different.

Budgets are spent on services, not supplies.

Yet, you still need to be inspired.

That’s what here to help you with.

I hope you join me for a full day of creating really amazing art that you can take back to your classroom.

Believe me, when you surprise your students with engaging subjects and cool techniques, behavior issues vanish.

Click below to learn what the workshop is all about and if it’s a right fit for you….

Patty Palmer from Deep Space Sparkle

Even with a small inventory of art supplies, you can make magic happen in your art room, studio or classroom.

The techniques presented in our workshop will offer you a wide range of options so that even if you are teaching art to a group of 5-year olds or a gaggle of teens, the artists will share their secrets on scaling the projects.

And I’ll be there, too.

Teaching, sharing and encouraging YOU to be your creative best.

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Patty Palmer from Deep Space Sparkle

PATTY PALMER crayons, colored pencils & markers

AMI MAES print-making

LAURA LOHMANN tempera paint & chalk

GINA LEE KIM watercolors & mixed-media

ANNA BARTLETT Acrylic paints

KAITLYN EDINGTON art room decor & management

Draw, Paint & Make Workshop

Create art with us

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