The Party Is Over! The prizes are given out. The Flash Sales ended. You can still watch the Videos & download the Freebies. Thanks for celebrating with us!

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Day 5 Celebration

Have you ever sat back (I know, who has time?) and thought about the why to your what?

Why you chose teaching?

Why art?

It’s definitely not the second shift as a table washer and sink cleaner. Or the disciplinarian.

But what if we think about teaching from another perspective. How does your occupation affect lives?

Collecting love notes is a good start. You know what I mean…the poorly written scribbles that are placed on your desk, often accompanied by a less-than-flattering drawing of you. The ones that say how much they love you. Or love art. Or how “nise” you are.

These are the metrics I choose to track.

Today’s special FB LIVE video is a celebration of YOU: the impact you have, the love you spread and the joy you create.

Join me on the Deep Space Sparkle Facebook Page at 9:30am(Los Angeles)12:30 (New York)

TODAY’S FREEBIE: Curriculum Planning Workbook

This 7-page workbook will help you brainstorm art projects, identify your logistics and record your ideal art program in a few simple steps. The workbook pages can be copied and used for all grade levels.

TODAY’S PRIZE: Become a Sparkler! (Contest ended)

Download today’s freebie (Curriculum Planning PDF) for your chance to win one of TEN 3-month memberships.
Membership offers you access to 3 art bundles each month plus access to unlimited trainings and art resources and membership into our community.
Please Note: The Sparklers Club is operated as a separate website than Deep Space Sparkle.
Current Sparklers are invited to enter.
10 winners will be announced at the beginning of Day 6


Members of The Sparklers Club have access to Art Bundles that are not available through our shop. For a limited time, you have the opportunity to purchase 3 exclusive, Sparkler Selected art bundles.

The bundles include PDF lessons plans for grades K-6, artist statements, artist guides and posters (O’Keeffe and Impressionism), supply lists, book lists, Elements of Art & technique, Sequencing Charts and Grade level standards. Bundles in this special offer do not include project videos.


Georgia O’Keeffe Artist Bundle $29

Impressionism Bundle $29

Marine & Sea Life Bundle $29

Download Freebie


Contest Ended

Flash Sale Ended

Day 4 Celebration

The first time I took an online course, it was 9 years ago and cost $140. It seemed like such a splurge! I mapped out every single minute of the 6-week course, completed my “homework”and did the projects. I was 100% invested.

And I loved it.

Online courses are now the norm. You can literally learn anything online; from how to create a Facebook ad, carve a turkey and paint with acrylics.

Isn’t it wonderful how no matter what you are curious about, you can learn more at the click of a mouse? I still do 70% of all my learning through online courses and workshops. Yet despite the simplicity and ease of online learning, connecting in real life remains my favorite.

Today’s video shares my experiences with online course, in-person events, and why I make it a priority to attend at least one new conference a year.

Today's Video

TODAY’S FREEBIE: Marisa Gebert from Team Sparkle shares her Keynote presentation from last summers Deep Space Sparkle workshop. She offers simple assessment strategies from exit slips, rubrics, quick checklists and poster ideas.

TODAY’S PRIZE: (Contest ended)

LIVE! Summer Workshop 2018 Package– Approx. Value $500

We’re giving away registration to next summer’s Workshop in Santa Barbara! Our 4th in-person workshop will be a FULL TWO DAYS and promises to be the best yet.

The winner will receive:

Registration for 2-day event

Food & lodging for 2 nights (UCSB dorm room)

August 10-12, 2018 Santa Barbara, CA USCB Campus


TODAY’S FLASH SALE: Online Workshops! (No longer available)

Here’s your chance to purchase two self-guided, online art workshops.

The lessons, videos, lesson plans, keynote presentations and drawing guides have been assembled into an online format for easy viewing and learning. Includes PD hours. Content is available for 6 months.

Download Freebie


Contest Ended

Flash Sale Ended. No longer available.

Day 3 Celebration

We were in a French restaurant in Santa Monica,  celebrating our 16th anniversary and were feeling pretty happy.

At the time, Deep Space Sparkle was brand new. I was blogging for a year and knew it was something I wanted to keep doing. I loved the community that was forming and really enjoyed sharing my lessons.

I knew blogs had the potential to earn money, I just didn’t know what that would look like for me.

We sipped champagne and dreamt about the possibilities of Deep Space Sparkle. That’s when Neil said he would help find a way to monetize the blog

Our first attempt did not work at all….

In today’s video, Neil and I reveal how we grew DSS; the challenges, beautiful moments and what worked.

If you’re thinking about starting a business or building the business you already have, this video is made specially for you.

Today's Video

TODAY’S FREEBIE: How to Host Your Own Workshop.

Earning a few extra bucks is as simple as hosting a teacher training, paint party or even a workshop to your friends and fellow teachers. This freebie breaks down the process of a for-profit workshop.

TODAY’S PRIZE: Ask Patty Skype Call! (Contest ended.)

For all those budding entrepreneurs, chat with me about developing or growing your business.

TODAY’S FLASH SALE: Art Room Posters

The right visual aid can make all the difference is understanding an art concept. I find posters are more effective when text is kept to a minimum.

These color poster offer a modern way to express warm & cool colors, tints & shades and styles of art.

Print on your home printer or take the included jpegs to a copy shop for a full size edition!

Reg $19/Sale $9 (Flash Sale Ended)

Download Freebie


Contest Ended



Day 2 Celebration

Do you remember what your first lesson was? I mean, the first lesson you did with your very first class?

Mine was drawing African animals with a 6th grade class. I bought a book at Borders and photocopied 12 animal choices. I taught the kids how to draw a zebra. And a lion. And an elephant, gazelle, giraffe….and on and on.

I wasn’t into simplicity back then, only choice. I wanted to make sure every kid was happy. I learned pretty quickly that my intentions weren’t sustainable.

By the time I started blogging, I was getting into my groove: timing my lessons well, finding subjects kids loved and using supplies that were easy to find.

Today’s video takes a look back at my TOP TEN favorite lessons from each of my ten years of blogging.

Each lesson is special for a very different reason. And as a special treat, you’ll be able to buy this Birthday Bundle at a special price during this celebration week!

Today's Video

DAY 2 FREEBIE: My TEN favorite drawing handouts.

This Drawing Guide Essentials PDF helps even the most experienced teacher teach children the foundations of drawing. Each handout can be used as a base for multiple lessons.

DAY 2 PRIZE: Contest ended.

DAY 2 FLASH SALE (NO LONGER AVAILABLE): Birthday Bundle Limited Edition. 10 of my favorite art lessons in the past 10 years. Each lesson includes multiple standards, student worksheets and tutorial.

Watch today’s video to learn why these lessons were so impactful and how they can help YOU.

Reg price $49 SALE $19. No longer available.

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Contest Ended


Day 1 Celebration

Hello friends!

Ten years ago, I was just getting my sea legs as a brand new art teacher.
I had just started photographing my lessons and publishing them on a new thing called a blog. Sharing with other teachers was the start of something wonderful.

But embarking on a teaching career wasn’t as smooth.
A few years earlier, I was a school volunteer. Coordinating fundraisers and running PTA meetings. Not necessarily a prerequisite for an art educator.

But something happened.

I said YES to an unexpected opportunity.?

Today’s VIDEO shares my story of how I was hired and the thing that almost prevented me from becoming an art teacher.

And that’s how Deep Space Sparkle started. Want to hear more?

I created a video of my beginnings as an art volunteer to art teacher. Keep scrolling to watch it.


Today's Video

TODAY we are celebrating BEGINNINGS.

The beginning of YOUR career as an art teacher…whether you’re at school, home or in a studio.

DAY 1 FREEBIE: Easy Winter Landscape. Click the YELLOW link below to download this  free lesson.

DAY 1 PRIZE: Contest Ended.

DAY 1 FLASH SALE: New Art Teacher’s Toolkit Bundle. This bundle features 7 easy art lessons (K-6) that are perfect for a brand new teacher PLUS, many art resources to use in your classroom.

Reg price $39 (Flash Sale Ended)

Download Freebie


DAY 1 PRIZE! Contest Ended





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